Motherhood is a new life. When I became a mother, everything changed. Whether it was my physical strength or mental capability ; everything transformed into something new. Except for the love of travel. I still want to travel all the time but now I have a child and its difficult to manage the former. Hence I thought of an idea where my travel goals inspire parents to enjoy travelling as much as they did earlier. With little notes on how I managed my different escapades : I welcome you all to TripsCopy which will have copies of all my tours.


Day trip to SALZBURG, Austria from Munich,Germany

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a fairytale city with an astounding past and manifold layers of stories to be told. A short time span of even a day is enough to let the visitor absorb the best of Austria here. Filled with straggling stretch of glorious mountain views and attractive baroque architect, Salzburg attracts people from different strata’s of the society. What makes it completely unique is its legacy of being the birthplace of Mozart. Labeled as the most inspiring city of Austria, Salzburg has many things to offer.

We took a train from Munich and had the awesome day visit in Salzburg. The old town is conveniently located near the station and so our day trip turned out to be fruitful, convenient and budget-friendly. Top Salzburg’s attractions are concentrated in and around the old town (Altstadt) which makes it very easy to cover in a day even with a kid.


Giving a form to love and hope, the long pedestrian & bike-only Makart Footbridge (Makartsteg) is lined with tourists and locals equally. One cannot miss admiring the alluring panaromic views of Old town from this place.

LoveLock Bridge, Salzburg, Austria


The Mirabell Palace Gardens is one of the most playful areas of Salzburg and offers some of the best views of Old Town.  It is conveniently the best spot to take your kids. They can have a wonderful time while you can chill around sipping coffee offered just across the garden.

A leisure walk through the grounds expose you to encounter several fountains, elegant statues, and plenty of colorful flowers.  Make sure to turn around and check out the amazing views of Hohensalzburg Fortress towering over Old Town Salzburg.  We’ll visit the fortress later on this free Salzburg walking tour.

Mirabella Garden, Salzburg, Austria

My little one was particularly amazed by the unique statues and he not only inspected their unicorn guards but also climbed some trees.

Salzburg, Austria

FESTUNGBAHN (Modern Funicular)

The Festungsbahn is a funicular railway providing access to Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg municipality in Austria. It links the fortress with Festungsgasse, below the northern side of the fortress’s walls.Running every ten minutes, the Festungsbahn has carried excited visitors up to the most prominent landmark in Salzburg. The valley station is located in the heart of the historic district (No. 4 Festungsgasse). After a ride lasting just under one minute, we were able to enjoy outstanding views sprawling across Salzburg City to the surrounding mountains. Getting a ticket on spot and traveling through the funicular was a breeze.

Festungbahn, Salzburg

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The visit to Salzburg cannot be complete without enjoying the views from the iconic Hohensalzburg Fortress. Situated on a hill in the maincity, it is the most important landmark of Salzburg and is also one of the biggest medieval European castle.

Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, Austria


Being the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is full of inspirations. Beautiful musicians playing amazing music surround the streets of Salzburg.


All along the city, number of churches and commendable architectural pieces of Baroque attracts not only history lovers but also tourists.

Five awesome things to do in Dusseldorf, Germany


Generally, people do not include Dusseldorf in their itinerary while traveling to Germany. But for me it was a work trip which made me extend my visit to Dusseldorf and I am glad that I explored the place with my little one.

Not only the place great for kids in terms of commuting but people adore kids. My child was super pampered here and he loved the place just like his mother 😉.



A beautiful 1 kilometer stretch of urban boulevard with green parks along the tunnel is something every kid will love. And what adds the cherry on the cake is the presence of various rabbits, ducks and birds all along. Not only the toddlers but infants too were having a leisure time here.


The promenade is full with amazing local breweries as well as awesome eating joints. No matter from which part of the world you belong, you will definitely find your cuisine here.

And if you are lucky, you may spot live music bands playing local groovy songs on weekends. This place has one of the best summer fairs during summer.

Düsseldorf’s Rhine embankment promenade, lined by cafes and bars symbolises the Rhineland’s joie-de-vivre and connects the Altstadt (Old Town), rich in tradition, with the modern MedienHafen. Many attractions such as the castle tower, the clock marking the water level and the museum KIT are on the Rhine embankment promenade.


It’s a fairy-tale kind of place which gives you a glimpse into their history by just walking around it. Full of wonderful attractions like The St. Lambertus church, the Burgplatz, the historic City Hall and the Jan Wellem equestrian statue, as well as various museums, such as the Kunstsammlung NRW (NRW Art Collection), provide cultural highlights. The markplatz, town hall, large equestrian statues and museums make it a must visit.


Being one of the oldest neighborhood of Dusseldorf, this place had a unique charm to itself. One of declared UN heritage site, this place is amazing for a lazy Sunday picnic with the kids. Kids love to explore the ruins and there is a restaurant (as well as a bar) just next to it for a comfortable tea-time.


Wonderful shopping malls which do not burn a hole into your pocket.

Hope you all liked this piece 🙂

Copenhagen Tripscopy



BREAKFAST AT GROD should be as famous as the phrase ‘breakfast at tiffanys’. I never imagined that healthy could taste so delicious. I was totally bowled over by their amazing breakfast menu and the awesome quality they provide. Located at a number of places, we went to one located in Frederiksberg.



Located at the heart of Copenhagen, we had lunch at this tasteful café. Filled with authentic Danish cuisine, it has a fresh menu which imbibes natural ingredients only. We had the SMØRREBRØD along with yummy homemade shakes. The children menu was outstanding and my little one enjoyed it thouroughly.


The unique and extremely delicious combination of waffles and ice-cream is what drew our attention to this busy waffle bakery store at Nyhavn. Its located just in the middle of the quay giving the visitor’s a sweet surprise during their stroll.

The Bronx Burger Bar Frederiksberg

Yummy burger and potato fries for the kid and cranberry tossed chicken burger for us. What more could we ask for after a long and tiring day.

NYHAVN – The place to be in Copenhagen, Denmark

We at the happening street of Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Literally, the most happening and awesome place for all age-groups is Nyhavn. Easily accessible from any point of the city, this place is bustling with tourists and locals throughout the year.

We were lucky enough to visit this place during a sunny summer day and we felt that the whole of Copenhagen was here.

See lines of beautiful historic houses which were constructed hundreds of years ago and are still looking fabulous. Our child was particularly impressed by fleets of boats anchored in the waters.

Sit and relax with drinks while the child eats Nutella pancake

We spent hours sitting idly just absorbing the beautiful surrounding of Nyhavn. The bright sun and cold breeze created the most soothing and satisfying ambience. There were many street vendors nearby offering lip-smacking food.

Relaxing at Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Have an ice-cream

Waffle ice-cream is a local favorite here and why not. The ice cream is real creamy which leaves us wanting more. At the middle of the quay, there is the famous Vaffelbageren which has an exotic range and awesome delivery time.

Watch beautiful artists performing

There is no other place to absorb the culture than here. We saw artists painting across the canal and their art was beautiful. Some musicians were also performing which added to the beauty of this picturesque place.

Selfie with a performer at Nyhavn
Artists at Nyhavn

Tie a lock and make a wish

We had specially brought locks to hang them from the railing across the canal but we were not sure and therefore left it. But one can always discover awesome messages around these locks and enjoy the fancy.

Locks at Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Boat ride

As this canal offer panoramic view of the city, it is imperative to go on a boat ride here and enjoy the place at more peace in the waters.

Boats at Nyhavn

On The Rocks, Jodhpur

Places to Eat in Jodhpur,India for every Wallet

Being a foodie, we always explore the local cuisines of the places we visit. The regional differences in India constitutes to a vivid number of food along with languages. One can never expect the same use of the masalas throughout India. In the north, they use mustard oil whereas in the south,coconut oil is the most vital part of the food. Use of spices and vegetables differ as much as the languages in different parts of this country.

Jodhpuri Thali (full meal with 31 dishes)

As soon as we landed in Jodhpur, my husband took us to Gypsy restaurant which serves amazing Jodhpuri thali at very appropriate price. The google map showed us a somewhat deserted Gypsy with hardly any crowd around it. We understood at once that it was not the real one and so we went on to find the other Gypsy on google map and we arrived at a very busy Gypsy restaurant. Later during our stay, we realized that Gypsy being so famous has a number of competitors trying to sell on its name. But Gypsy is a must visit in Jodhpur.

Royal Cafe, Clock Tower, Jodhpur

Another wonderful place to spend a quality evening is at the Royal Cafe next to the clock tower in old town. At first look, we thought its a shabby one but once we took seat over there, we were thrilled by the liveliness of the narrow roads around, filled with colorful vendors and constant honking of the yellow auto-rickshaws. This is a place to just sit and enjoy the liveliness of old city. The cafe owners are a very noble couple who serve delicious food with lots of love. They even made plain noodles (without spice) for my kid.

The third one in my list is the Cafe Mehran located just as you exit your tour from the Mehrangarh Fort. Its an awesome cafe with limited menu but unlimited royalty feel. Its constructed in extension of the fort itself and reminds one of European cafes. The walls have paintings of the royal dynasty ruling Jodhpur before.And this place offers the much needed break after exploring the wonderful fort.

Bal Samand Lake palace runs exquisite buffet throughout the year offering the visitors wonderful view and lavish experience. The resort is a very well-maintained green resort where you can see arrays of peacocks wandering carelessely. The resort has beautiful rooms which were once army barricade. The green lawn where the buffet was served had a stream running across it adding to its beauty. Also, there were traditional performers adding rhythm to the dinner experience.

Balsamand Lake Palace

Last and the best was our discovery of ‘On the Rocks’ restaurant which has five divisons inside it. We went for lunch at the ‘Neem Tree Court’ and were very happy with the experience. The decor of the place is very pleasing and natural and we literally sat under the Neem Tree for lunch on a warm sunny day. It was as beautiful as it sounds.


BONUS : If you have read throughout this post, there is a bonus point for you. 15 A.D. bakery is a gem in Jodhpur. We fell in love with its buttery almond cookie and the authentic tin packing it has. The bakery is a delight for all those having sweet tooth. It has a branch at the airport too.

Tallinn – Land of Legends & much more

During our trip to Helsinki, we went for a little adventure in the beautiful town of Tallinn. Though it took approximately two hours to reach Tallinn through Vikings cruise, we were transported to a completely different atmosphere. And I say this because not only the country changed, the people, the culture, the architecture all changed drastically. Out of all the places I have been, I can easily say that Tallinn is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained historical town. Being a small city and the capital of Estonia, Tallinn stands for itself.

We visited the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which was a beautiful experience. The majestic architectural marvel is really outstanding. We went through the streets of the old town which all lead to the Town square.

The beautiful walk through its old city clearly indicates why its listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is beautiful with cobbled streets running throughout the city lined up with charming wooden houses. There are a variety of streets owing to their different speciality like street with sweet shops, most fashionable street, street of education and so on. But I was amazed by the most haunted street (‘Lühike Jalg is a narrow street with lots of stairs that connect Toompea with lower Old Town.’)

Tallinn is a town of legends and we were impressed by various legends inscribed at different locations giving an insight to the visitors about the history of this marvellous land.

The town square is filled with restaurants and cafes all around. There is house carriage available for the tourists which adds to the medieval theme of the whole city. We saw the Viru gate which are two similar towers left of a larger chain of towers which supposed to defend the town in earlier days.

Old Town Square, Tallinn

It was a sunny day and we made the most of it by shopping (beautiful imitations of the colourful houses, clothes, really warm socks, and other souvenirs). For lunch, we sat in the middle of the Old City at Saku Gastro and we were delighted with the service as well as the food. What added to our lunch was the experience of observing a theatrical performance being held at the centre of the Town square. On enquiring more, we came to know that it’s part of their biggest yearly festival ‘OLD TOWN DAYS’ dedicated to the local cultural heritage and community & the theme of 2018 was 100 steps into History. Although, unplanned, we were elated being in the festival.

Owing to its strategic location, the city still remains a major trade hub. Numerous cruise lines make a stop here. I wish I could have spent more time here as we had to return for our cruise back to Helsinki at the end of the day. The Viking Express cruise was a wonderful experience with a plenty of activities for the kids. Added benefit was our room where we had kept our belongings and went on to visit Tallinn without any discomfort.

TripsCopy NikitaSinghGulati

Best Places to visit in Jodhpur – Blue city of India

Named after the great king Rao Jodha, Jodhpur truly stands for royalty. With numerous iconic heritage sites, this city boasts of a number of places to visit. Travelling with a toddler, we narrowed down the best places to see in Jodhpur.


Being one of the largest fort of India, it does not disappoint anyone looking for historical Indian architecture. Situated at a height, one can easily see it from the city. The entrance is convenient with options of elevator (as one have to walk on cobbled sloppy road) to reach the fort from the entrance. Grandeur and historical heritage can be found in each corner of the fort.


There are cannons and vivid arms & armours on display at this fort. Looking at the city from here, we found most of the houses are painted blue giving it the iconic nomenclature of blue city.

The museum is one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. Beautiful rooms are also shown which has real gold embedded on the ceilings and intricate art work brightens the whole place.


The Jaswant Thada is a cenotaph located near to the Mehrangarh Fort. The cenotaph’s grounds feature carved gazebos, a tiered garden, and a small lake. There are three other cenotaphs in the grounds. One can easily unwind at the park after a good walk at the Mehrangarh Fort.



One of the most happening places in Jodhpur is the Sardarpur market which is the market around the clock tower in the old city. Numerous vendors and tourists flocking the market makes for a wonderful sight.



Umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the world’s largest private residences. A part of the palace is a museum and some portion is hotel. The Palace was built to provide employment to thousands of people during the time of famine. The museum has exhibits of stuffed leopards and various household’s items used by the royals (made up of gold & silver). The classic cars of the Maharajas are also on display in the garden in front of the museum.

Tivoli Garden – where Magic comes alive !

Being the second oldest amusement park in Europe, one cannot be disappointed in this whimsical fascinating place. With a plethora of activities for each age-group, this place is a must visit when in the Scandinavian region. One can easily see movie coming to life here : old couples sitting in the parks enjoying the scenery, teen couples walking hand in hand, children brisking here and there and what not.


We spent an entire day in this beautiful place and were not tired. One of the best things about this place is its timing. It closes a little late in summers offering the visitors to utilize their otherwise wasted time (as shops and malls close early).

tivoli tripscopy

Being with a three year old means lot of kiddie rides and I must say we were not disappointed. Our little one enjoyed : The Vintage Cars (on-track cars), The Wood Carousel,  The Dragon Boats, The Elf Train, The Fun House, The Little Dragon (swing ride), The Little Pilot, The Music Carousel. We missed the famous Rutschebanen (wooden roller coaster), as well as the the Vertigo. (Note : Running nose and high fever correspond to that face 😉


But the highlight of the day was when he engaged in a duck hunting game and surprised us by winning the best prize (for picking up three ducks in a row which had red mark in the bottom). I was supremely elated but it was short-lived as he chose a colorful lizard as his prize (note : he could have picked any toy from that shop but he picked the most common soft-toy). We did not push him to pick any other toy as it was his choice.But hey- he won !!

The utilities were clean and moderate.Overall a great park specially for the kids. And for adults (if you don’t like the rides and are there just for their kids, you can always go shopping at the famous Illums Bolighus store which offers the exclusive range of Danish and international design. We bought some amazing souvenirs from there.



There is an array of dining options but we chose Joe and the juice as it had amazing juice range which we certainly needed after hustling through so many rides.


TripsCopy with my little one

2018 – Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, Kerala, Goa, Jaipur

Though I’m penning down my journey details after a gap of 6 months (since my European adventure with my little one), it feels like yesterday. We visited a total of 6 countries including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands and Estonia. It was a beautiful trip with varied experiences.

Historic windmills with distinctive green wooden houses made for the perfect postcard pictures. Being in one of the oldest amusement park has a different impact altogether. We sailed through the waters of Baltic Sea. We cycled our way through Copenhagen and met lovely people in Malmo.

The trip was a blessing as I met my college friends too after a long time. Life has been extremely busy and I hope to be regular in my blogging and fill in all the details of my trips before taking another one.

Apart from Europe, we went to Kerala – the bliss of being in backwaters. It was full of peace and harmony and soul relishing experience. The annual trips to both Jaipur and Goa proved why we go there every year and still find so many new things to do.

Overall, the year 2018 was a wonderful year with trips packed back to back. Hoping the same for 2019.