First holiday with 6 months old

Six month old babies are the best travel companion owing not only to their ever increasing observing capabilities but also due to the fact that they cannot run here and there without you. This is also the time when mothers want to have a little break from the daily routine. So this is when we chose to have our first trip with baby. Choosing Goa over any other destination was logical as Goa has that romantic environment owing to its portuguese heritage that make everyone fall in love with it. Clean air and surroundings with pristine emerald sea makes for wonderful first holiday pictures.  To add to the zing, choose a luxurious resorts, the helpful staff will make sure that your stay was pleasant along with various amenities which you can enjoy with baby. With lots of firsts like the first time in flight, first holiday with baby, first time on beach with baby ; this holiday proved ultra beneficial to all of us. We not only got a change from our daily routine but we were also able to experience some of the most beautiful moments with our baby.


Author: TripsCopy

An MBA in international trade by profession, I am a traveler mommy. Whenever I am not in office, I am traveling with my husband and little one. (When in office, I spend time by planning trips ;))

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