Breaking Social Stigma related to Traveling

Indian society is graced with oodles of customs and cultural significance. None of which defines how traveling is bad. However, whenever an Indian couple or solo traveler thinks about his plan, the first thing that comes up in the mind is how they will get permission from their parents. In many cases such is not the scenario.People may simply state that they are planning to travel somewhere without asking their family members (the repercussions of which follow even after the whole trip is finished). Indian household regards travel as a luxury. Though this concept is changing slowly but the major population still have the prior view. Its irrespective of the fact whether you are single or married or 30 or 40. Indian parents and the society both are equally concerned about you (however old you may be or however financially independent you may be).

So having a wanderer soul and being mommy at the same time is not easy. The society might regard you as a careless and selfish person who just wants to have fun. Or someone who do not prioritize their child (even when you take care of your child single-handedly 24x7x365 days in a year). So, what I am trying to say is that people will always have their own opinion. So isn’t it better for you to do the same. If travel makes you happy, why feel guilty? Ultimately you are the pillar of the family. Your happiness is directly proportional to the happiness of your spouse and your child. Not only that, travel is a course of learning in itself. It makes your child an observer and patron of varsity.  Travel enhances the creative side of your child as they are able to see unconventional approach to the same thing in different cultures. Most importantly, traveling gives your family time to reconnect. There are scientific researches which show that the average number of words spoken to your child is much more when you are on a trip/vacation. And to add some spice to the list, an escape from the cunning aunt around the corner is always welcome 😉




Author: TripsCopy

An MBA in international trade by profession, I am a traveler mommy. Whenever I am not in office, I am traveling with my husband and little one. (When in office, I spend time by planning trips ;))

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