Resort Holiday

The best experience one derives in the form of luxury is at a five or seven star resort. Making use of the savings (as we did not go anywhere in the prior years), my partner and I decided to have a luxurious vacation. That is when we planned for Vivanta by Taj – Holiday Village, Goa. Situated in the Bardez area, the location is best for all kind of travelers. You get the chaos of party life once you step out of the resort in the neighboring area of Baga beach. At the same time, you have the advantage of enjoying serenity along with luxury in the resort or in its private beach. We took a whole package along with food for the whole trip since we had planned that we will enjoy the resort fully. The tropical weather added to the lush greenery of the whole property. We took morning and evening strolls on the beach. Our little one spent the days giggling and observing the waves of the sea. The beauty of waves tossing over the sand was unparalleled and so soothing that the idea of the whole holiday made sense. Those tiny happy moments instigated a feeling of greed in me. Greed for more such moments and holidays 😉

Benefit of resort holiday with baby :

  1. Very co-operative and humble staff willing to help you at all times
  2. You get different healthy options for baby food
  3. Safe and Clean
  4. You are able to enjoy the property at least in case the baby is not feeling very happy
  5. Various child-centered amenities like babysitting services, bottle sterilization services , etc

First flight with baby

Excited and nervous while boarding our first flight together, both my baby and me exchanged baffled looks. While adjusting his pram and moving towards the check in queue, a fear of failure crept all over me when i saw the huge rush. As I was contemplating my thoughts whether I had done the right thing to go on a vacation specially since i was still on medicines, a sudden ray of hope dawned upon me making me realize that all is good. It was no angel but a ground staff of the flight which we were about to board telling us to check in through priority counters as we were with an infant. This moment was not only a moment of escape from my husband’s annoyance over our trip but this moment was also the antecedent of many more trips which I was going to embark upon. The flight was convenient. The pram was taken by the staff right before we boarded the plane. There were lot of prior preparations in making sure that we have a sound 3 hours flight. Some pointers are :

  1. Colourful teethers
  2. Cotton for ear (to avoid engine noise)
  3. Make sure to make the baby suck while take of and landing
  4. Sound games
  5. Layers of clothing
  6. Handy disposable sick bags and tissues
  7. Milk and food
  8. The flight we chose was in accordance with the nap time of our baby so he dozed off quickly

Remember the flight or any other experience derived while travelling is meant to be fun both for the parents and the baby. So just have fun (no matter how the situation goes, ultimately you will have a holiday)

First holiday with 6 months old

Six month old babies are the best travel companion owing not only to their ever increasing observing capabilities but also due to the fact that they cannot run here and there without you. This is also the time when mothers want to have a little break from the daily routine. So this is when we chose to have our first trip with baby. Choosing Goa over any other destination was logical as Goa has that romantic environment owing to its portuguese heritage that make everyone fall in love with it. Clean air and surroundings with pristine emerald sea makes for wonderful first holiday pictures.  To add to the zing, choose a luxurious resorts, the helpful staff will make sure that your stay was pleasant along with various amenities which you can enjoy with baby. With lots of firsts like the first time in flight, first holiday with baby, first time on beach with baby ; this holiday proved ultra beneficial to all of us. We not only got a change from our daily routine but we were also able to experience some of the most beautiful moments with our baby.


This is the post excerpt.

Motherhood is a new life. When I became a mother, everything changed. Whether it was my physical strength or mental capability ; everything transformed into something new. Except for the love of travel. I still want to travel all the time but now I have a child and its difficult to manage the former. Hence I thought of an idea where my travel goals inspire parents to enjoy travelling as much as they did earlier. With little notes on how I managed my different escapades : I welcome you all to TripsCopy which will have copies of all my tours.